About Us

Kissing Booth is a small team of friends working together to create a curated, educational, vintage experience. Our goal is to foster a welcoming environment where passion for vintage can be shared, and people can be inspired to explore and learn. We approach vintage with an eye for contemporary closets, while looking for references, basics, and oddities that we hope can become long treasured objects.

Kissing Booth was founded in 2021 by Cole McBride, Gabriel Noller, Jacob Keller, Michael Turner, and Payton Smyer as a merger of Hellmart and Suite Zero.

Suite Zero was founded in 2018 by Gabriel Noller, Michael Turner, and Payton Smyer. The original store front was located at 425 SW Madison Ave Suite #0, Corvallis, Oregon. 

Hellmart was founded in 2018 by Cole McBride and Jacob Keller. The original store front was located at 811 E Burnside Street, Portland, Oregon.